I originally moved here because of a civil war.  My parents accounts were frozen for some time, and things were looking bleak.  Thankfully, my brother and I moved to a boarding school in the states.  Ever since then, I’ve been trying to learn and experience as much as I can.  Of course, I miss Ethiopia sometimes, but I’m more than happy with my life here. Although double majoring in IT Solutions and Marketing wasn’t something I thought I would do, it makes my parents happy, so it’s worth the compromise.

Even with my double major, I get plenty of time to hang out with my friends.  Hanging out and creating new experiences is something I try to do constantly, especially with different types of people.  Not to knock on international students, but I feel like they’re always hanging out with people the same ethnicity as them.  For me it’s the opposite.  I barely have any Ethiopian friends, and I branch out and do things with people I common interests with rather than skin color and language.  I can really relate to making true bridges with people, and when I leave Mankato, that’s what I want to do. Going back to Ethiopia to start my own company will help me market, network, and connect with people, and that is how I feel I can contribute to the world.

Interviewer: Mitchell Favor


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