Q: What’s your biggest struggle with school?

A: Figuring out what I actually want to do or making it to all of my classes.

Q: What have you done to switch your major?

A: I called the school to change to undecided so that I can do my generals. I have no sense of what I want to do. It was bio now, I don’t know. Went from taking some of the hardest classes to taking some of the easiest to make up for a tough semester.

Q: How does homework differ from this semester to last semester?

A: This semester takes time but it is relatively simple compared to last semester. Where, chemistry for example, I had to do a lot of thinking to do the assignments. This semester just takes time versus having to figure out how to do it. I’m taking some basic classes to save myself from failing this semester.

Q: Going back to making it to classes explain.

A: I remember missing a lot of classes. I’d miss one then miss another and eventually wouldn’t go at all. This semester I have stricter required attendance so I have to try harder to make it to my classes. I realized from not going that going to class that going to class is important. I missed out on a lot of content from skipping class.

Interviewer: Christian Roell





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