From the dorms of Minnesota State University, Mankato, this is Chelsie Bath. She is a freshmen in college, originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Chelsie chose Mankato because of her love for dance, her goal was to be on the Minnesota State University Dance Team. She knew this would be hard, for her love for her family is never ending; however, she was willing to risk the struggle of being away from her family to be on the dance team and be accepted into the dance program. She made it official that she was going to Mankato, then got the heartbreaking news that she did not make the dance team. She then knew that being five and a half hours away from her family was not going to be easy, especially when she would no longer be doing what she is passionate about. She thought back to her happiest moment in life, when her high school dance team won the State Dance Competition when she was a senior. She worked for four years to get a state title, from her freshmen to senior year. When her senior year came around, Chelsie knew that she had to work as hard as she could to get that state title. When the judges called “Bay Port Dance Team” while announcing first place, she knew she was in the midst of a magical moment. Remembering this milestone, it gave her drive and determination to try out for the dance team next year and to not give up on her dreams. Chelsie expressed that her biggest struggle was having to live by herself and learn how to do ‘adult’ things, however she made everything work. She found a major that she now loves, learned the works of how to be an independent adult, and made lifelong friends that made Mankato truly feel like home. She found strength in her setbacks and for that, she is proud.

Interviewer: Sage Simon


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