“I grew up in a small-town, Dakota, Iowa. There were 28 people in my graduating class, and my whole school was about 500. We have K through 12 in one school including day care and preschool. I decided to go to college here because it is close to my home and there are relatives that live around here.”

How the transition was from Dakota, Iowa to Mankato?

I moved here and I met lots of great people. I got to learn a lot of cultural stuff that I didn’t get to learn in Iowa. They didn’t have much diversity back home so, since I lived here I learned about a lot of culture I didn’t know and I am still learning. “

What is your major and why? 

“I am undecided right now because there is so much out there and I don’t know everything so I might as well get to know everything before I figure out what I want to do rather than jumping into something and give everything a fair shot.”

Interviewer: Sujan Shrestha



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