What made you get interested in politics?

“Long story short, I really want to help people and give back somehow. I could’ve chosen to study something like chemistry or biology, but I really wanted to be able to use my personality in my work and that fits best with politics. Foreign affairs interests me most, I am intrigued with how different people are but somehow are able to work together. I was born in another country (Togo, Africa) so coming here at age nine I get a good comparison. Living in this country is sometimes sad because when you go to other countries you look at your life in America and it seems like a story. A happy story. There are kids in some countires who can’t even leave their homes without getting shot at.”

Who would you say the politician that inspires you most?

“Here’s the thing: anyone could be a politician, it’s just a title. I guess I would go with Mohammed Ali. He used his title as a boxer to raise awareness and shine a light on the issues of the Vietnam War. But Obama is up there.”

Where would you like to see yourself in the future (of politics)?

“Traveling, going to other countries, talk about politics, work for a politician. I things I can do all together I don’t think I was meant for a leadership role, I was meant to be the guy behind the guy. That being said, I’ll be a leader when there isn’t one and one is needed.”

Interviewer: Claire Millett


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