Why Mankato?

“I chose Mankato because it was close enough where I can visit home every so often, but far enough way that my parents can’t visit everyday. I want to feel independent from my parents after living with them for my whole.”

What is your biggest struggle?

“Right now, It will have to be balancing all the things in my life. Stuff like studying calculus and going out with friends. Also, I’m a part of the community council, that takes a lot of my time too.”

If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people what would it be?

“Make a habit of studying often, maybe three hours a day, and pay attention to classes. In high school I was the kid that was able to not study and get A’s. Now that I’m in college, it has taken a blow to my GPA. For people in general, You should never stop working to what you want. Even if you want to stop working, strive for what you want.”

Why did you choose your major?

“I chose my major (Civil Engineering) because I like bridges, buildings, and dams. The structure and how cool it can look is what draws me in. My goal is to build things for 3rd world countries like Nepal to improve their standard of living.”

Interviewer: Jeffrey Xiong


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