“I chose Mankato because I’m an aviation major, and this is the cheapest program that is close to my home. I’m from Wausau, Wisconsin, which is about 250 miles away. Aviation was pretty much my first thought of college, I guess. In ten years, I would like to be flying for an airline. I’ve been flying in airplanes since I was eight and flying airplanes since I was 15. I’m going to just go along with the aviation theme and say my first time flying an airplane by myself was probably the happiest moment of my life. Biggest fear? I don’t know, um, like not being included, I guess. Kind of being seen as an outsider, not belonging. If I could give one piece of advice to someone, I would say be yourself-and not in that kind of term that everyone usually says “be yourself,” like actually strive with your uniqueness and let it shine through.”

Interviewer: Sarah Monson


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