“When I first started my internship at KEYC news station, I had no idea it would lead to me adopting my dog, Taz. Every week we would feature a dog from Benches shelter on the news. The day I met him was one day in August while I was there to see the dogs for filming the segment and I immediately just knew he was the one. Although he was very energetic, I grabbed him and held him, he licked my chin, and at that moment I knew I needed to adopt him. Right then I called my boyfriend and now fiancé and told him we needed this dog. Taz is a two-year-old black lab pit bull mix and from Texas, and he ended up at Benches because he was abused. The segment of Taz aired on the news later while we were adopting him to become a part of our family. Now days Taz is a very happy dog and loves going to the dog park in Mankato, and I take him there every day.”

Interviewer: Madison Haas


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