When are you the happiest?

Summertime makes me happiest because I love the warm weather and the fact that I get to take a break from the stressful everyday responsibilities that come with school. Summer is also the time where I get to spend the most time with my family and friends. I love being outside and going on small adventures that I don’t typically have the opportunity to do when I’m busy with school. For example, I love going to the lake, having late night bonfires, or even taking a day trip downtown to explore the cities. I like that I am more active and spontaneous during the summer because I think that’s when I am most myself. I also have really bad seasonal depression and it all seems to all be better once summer comes around. Summer is a time for relaxing and catching up on ‘me time’ and it is definitely the time of the year that I am the happiest.

Interviewer: Tatiana Mayerhofer




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