This is Katie, she chose to go to Mankato because it wasn’t too large of a school and was within a city. Her advice to future students is to “Follow your instincts, if something feels wrong, change it.” She is currently enrolled in Communications because when looking for a major she liked all of the communications classes she had to take. She says she loves her sculpture class because it grades based on what you can do rather than how you can learn. Her mornings are always the same, but her daily schedule changes on a daily basis based on what she feels. She says she doesn’t currently have any hobbies but she likes to hang out with her friends. She says her biggest fear is ghosts and that she never wants to meet one, and her biggest struggle right now is dealing with friends and family who are doing drugs; however, she is very proud of becoming sober. When asked how she sees herself in the future she said that she doesn’t think into the future because it is a waste of time to live in non-existent places like the past or the future.

Interviewer: Sam Gruber


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