pastedImage.pngThis is Lauren  an 18-year-old freshmen nursing student at MNSU.

How did you end up in Mankato?

“I originally heard about Mankato from my friend. After I did a school tour and heard about their nursing program I decided to apply. Never did I ever think I would leave Wisconsin for college in Minnesota. I guess the idea of a fresh start, new place, and new people started to grow on me. I’m not quite sure how I ended up in Mankato, Minnesota but I’m happy I did.”

Who has inspired you?

“My mom. My mom has made a big impact on my decision to go into nursing. Hearing all of her stories about her job and watching her have such a strong passion for being an OBGYN nurse has really influenced me to follow her steps into nursing. A few of my aunts are also nurses so I guess I could say that our passion for nursing runs in the family. I plan on being an ER nurse because of my love for helping others, and the action that comes with it. I really hope to make a difference someday, whether it’s just helping a person alone, or the community has a whole helping others is something I will always have a strong passion for.”

Interviewer: Amanda Michuda




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