Image.png.jpegThis is Bethany. She chose to come to Mankato because it wasn’t too far away from home, but it was a good distance away. After researching about top nursing programs, Beth made her final decision to Mankato because of the competiveness and by talking to other nursing students about the successfulness of the program itself. Her whole life she strived to be a nurse starting when she began getting experience in high school working and volunteering in various health care settings. When Bethany was younger, she would observe as her mom would be a care giver of people with disabilities which is one of the main reasons that inspired her to go into the healthcare field. I asked Bethany what one piece of advice she would give to incoming freshman and she told me “Although the nursing program is something that is very difficult, time consuming and frustrating if it is something you are passionate about, then never give up and keep working towards your dreams.”  Coming to Mankato was the best decision Bethany ever made and she would not want to be building her future at any other university than Minnesota State Mankato.

Interviewer: Lauren Michels


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