If you could give advice to a large group what would it be?

“Just don’t give a f***. Obviously care a little . . . about stuff in life, like the important things. But If you’re fixated on what people think about you, you’re gonna be put in this little ass box and you’re gonna miss opportunities and you don’t want that because first of all you only live once, you know what I’m saying like we ain’t f-ing cats ya dig. I was just put in this small ass box, especially by everyone in high school. High school was the shittiest because everyone is so cliquey. You have to be like this, you have to be like that, oh no! you can’t have too much sex with X amount of people because you’re gonna be called a thot but you still have to have sex because if you don’t then you’re gonna be a prude like honestly you can never please anyone, so all I’m sayin is do what you wanna do. Live your life but be cautious and always pick up your phone.”

Interviewer: Brooklin Wimbish


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