0.jpeg“Coming from SMSU to MSU was the first step away from my life as an athlete. Growing up, I was always known as one. I started playing basketball in kindergarten and volleyball in second grade. Playing both all the way through high school practically begged the people to look at me that way. Being one of the tallest girls in my grade made it even more so. For most of it, I was happy to have sports define me; it was something I excelled at, and nothing made me feel better than playing the sports I loved. That is, until I got finished with my first year at SMSU and decided to leave my volleyball scholarship for an entire new school and life.

Making new friends was easy. I’ve never been a quiet person, so talking to people was simple. I moved into Stadium Heights, all with people I didn’t know. Those people ended up becoming some of my closest friends that I still talk to today. That was three years ago. Since then, I’ve become a different person in terms of what I do. My life used to revolve around sports, but now I choose what I want to do and when I do it. It’s a kind of freedom that gets taken for granted for people like me. Coming to Mankato for me helped me understand that.”

Interviewer: Mitchell Favor


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