0-1.jpeg“Music has let me meet a lot of people, traveling, and seeing that our little Minnesota area is so sweet and adorable, whereas everywhere else is spicy. I’ve been introduced to so many different types of culture through my music, especially playing with other musicians…learning Spanish music, learning to play a mandolin or a ukulele, it’s all cultural. Everything. From the hard sound of a steel guitar to the light and beautiful sound of a ukulele.

With music, there’s so many things that I love about it. There’s the traveling and meeting people, and then there’s being on stage, playing music, singing, and feeling the spotlight, the heat. There’s so many things that are intoxicating.

I’m an actor, as well as a musician. Another reason for the stage. When you’re up there, you get to be somebody else. It’s an amazing feeling to have. Your life is here during the day. You have your job, you have school, you have whatever your hobbies are, and then at the end of the day, you deal with all that stress and you get to go somewhere and be somebody different. You get to take on someone else’s personality and then stand there and actually be them. It’s a crazy feeling. That’s the happiest I feel, when I’m acting.”

Interviewer: Stephanie Rahman





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