0.jpegThis is Troy Clabo and his dog Ginger. He recently moved here to Mankato from Hutchinson for a new job. He currently works at RW Carlstrom as a carpenter, and when asked why he chose carpentry, his response was because most of his family was into it. He doesn’t have any connections to the University, but he said that his mother went there for a nursing degree and is still working as a nurse. Because he is always working, he says he doesn’t have many hobbies, but when he does have free time he takes Ginger for a walk and the kids to the playground, and every once in a while, goes deer hunting. He says that his greatest fear is snakes, and is glad there’s no venomous ones around; he is however, fine with spiders. Besides his dog, he doesn’t have many other pets except for his 55-gallon fish tank, where he keeps all sorts of fresh water fish as well as many crawfish.

Interviewer: Sam Gruber


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