2.jpegWhen my friend’s mom decided to come up to Mankato with our future puppy, Henry, we thought we would walk around the Minnesota State, Mankato campus and show him what he would call home in the future. While we were walking, we met Haley, a junior here in Mankato. As she asked to pet and hold Henry, I explained the Humans of Mankato blog to her and asked if I could interview her. She exclaimed, “yes, of course!” I immediately thought that she was a very bubbly, extroverted person and it made me feel very comfortable in a moderately uncomfortable situation. I first asked Haley what her happiest moment in her life was, and she responded with finishing a half marathon. She explained that she had always doubted herself in her running capabilities. In addition, she said that ever since a young age, she had been hard on herself, so running past the finish line was such an accomplishing feeling for her. This then led to her biggest weakness, the feeling of never being good enough. While training for the half marathon, she would often beat herself up whenever she got tired, thinking to herself that she should be able to run these miles without breaking a sweat and in a quicker time than her own. The feeling of not being good enough almost made her drop out of the race, for her mind kept telling her that she was too tired, slow and incapable to compete with other marathon runners. Finally, I asked Haley what piece of advice she would give to an audience if she had the chance. By how she portrayed herself when I met her and her past struggles, I knew that she had taken this advice to heart. She answered by saying people will always be better than you in whatever you do; however, you must only focus on bettering yourself. She then added, if someone is always concerned about how they rank compared to others, they will never truly let themselves grow. When I said goodbye to Haley (and she said goodbye to our puppy Henry), I reflected on how I could tell that she had overcome her biggest struggle in life, yet she radiates her piece of advice to anyone who interacts with her.

Interviewer: Sage Simon



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