thumbnail_file.jpgThis is Dillan. A junior in high school, he likes doing his grocery shopping on Saturdays. He is free all day on Saturday and needs to help his mom get things ready for Easter. A Mankato native, Dillan likes to play sports, videogames, and go on nature walks in his free time. His sweatshirt represents the Nebraska Huskers who have been his favorite college sports team ever since he was little and he is thinking about going there for college. When asked what advice he would give to a large group of people, he said “Don’t suck and be thankful for everything positive in life.”  He goes on to share that his greatest accomplishment in his young life is being able to run a six-minute mile. Although he runs, he doesn’t have time in the spring to run track. His biggest fear in life, besides bees, would going swimming with alligators. He has never been a fan of bees or alligators, they’re the two things in life that he grew up with a great fear of. Some of the things Dillan loves about life is nature itself and the fact that anything is possible on this planet.

Interviewer: Jordan Janak


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