2.jpegThis is Jake. He is a Junior at MSU. He struggled with picking a college when he was in high school. “I wanted to go to a different school than everyone else in my high school. I looked at colleges on the east coast, and in the southeast. I chose MSU for my first year expecting to transfer somewhere else after a year, but I loved MSU and I will graduate here.” Jake is a Communications major, he doesn’t know what kind of job he wants yet. “Communications is a broad major and I will be open to job offers I get when I am finished with school.” I asked him what his most memorable moment of college was so far and he responded with “Running from the cops while highly intoxicated. I was 19 my sophomore year and I was not in the mood to get a minor.” He has friends that are law enforcement majors and they were running away with him that night. I asked Jake if he had any suggestions for students going into their second year of college. “Usually most students move into apartments from dorms their second year. That is when you are truly an adult, paying rent. Have as much fun as you can, but remember that having everything under control is when you can really let loose and have fun.” Jake said he does not regret choosing MSU and he will be qualified to graduate after 2 more semesters.

Interviewer: Brennan Stamman


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