0.jpeg“Freshmen year has by far been the best year of my life. I have met my 3 lifelong best friends and met some of the coolest, most genuine people. The day I moved into the dorms I had no idea how close me and my floor would end up. The CA’s might know us as the troubled, wildest hall, but if you got to know each and every one of us you would realize how awesome it is how we all constantly hangout, eat, and even go on hikes together. My floor is like no other; we aren’t just a floor, we are a family. My floor also has two ESA’s which makes our floor just that much better. ESA stands for emotional support animal. My CA, and my friend on my floor both have a dog in their dorm. Since I am a huge dog lover, and have a dog of my own at home it’s been extremely nice being able to walk down the hallway and cuddle up with either my CA’s or my friend’s dogs, especially when I’m stressed and just need a furry animal to cheer me up. Some of my friends tell me that they don’t even know a single person on their floors name and that just makes me sad because it has greatly affected my freshmen year becoming close with my floor. If I had one piece of advice for incoming freshmen it would be get to know your floor. Becoming close with my floor was the best decision of my life and I highly, highly recommend branching out and getting to know the people on your floor. You never know, you may just end up meeting some of your best friends like I did!”

Interviewer: Amanda Michuda


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