0-1.jpeg“The guy I’m dating was born and raised in India. He attends Mankato and is a Community Advisor like me, and that’s how I met him. Initially the biggest differences came from others people’s idea of us. It’s usually people who aren’t around us or don’t know much about our relationship. They don’t understand how an international and a U.S. relationship can work. People assume before they ask. They just assume there is some sort of language or religious barrier. Aaron is a super western person in the way he dresses, and acts, he’s actually a lot like me. One of the hardest parts of the relationship is the disconnect with his family. Although we have been dating for over a year, I still haven’t met his parents face-to-face. That said, I like how complex and creative our relationship is. I’ve dated guys before, and my relationship with an international guy is more fun.”

Interviewer: Claire Millett


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