0.jpeg“My parents got divorced when I was six. After that happened my mom moved to a town house and my dad moved in with his mom and dad. My childhood wasn’t easy, my mom had us move five times. My mom only dated three men but got engaged to one. I was not a fan of him, he was quite the prick and verbally abused my brother and I by making us feel like we were nothing anymore. He would hit my brother and scream nasty names at us. It was a really hard stage in my life. He continued to call us dumb and worthless and screamed at my brother and I continuously. After going through five years of this it’s been very hard to trust another man that dates my mom. Until my mom met her new husband Tim I didn’t trust any men. I was scared, I didn’t want my family to ever go through another situation like we did with my mom’s ex. I will never consider divorce, If I get married I will make sure to marry the right man who can make me and my family happy forever. Although I experienced some of the hardest years of my life I’m sort of grateful for what I went through. It made me a stronger person and made me look at things in a whole different light. As of right now my mom is happily married and my dad is happily married. I guess that’s how life works, it gets crappy and then turns good again and then goes to crap again but for right now life is good. Everyone who doesn’t have divorced parents should be extremely grateful because I may be “fine” now but it took 11 years for me to be “fine.”

Interviewer: Amanda Michuda


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