IMG_5290.PNGBeing a native of Nigeria, Dejii can only dream of going back home to start a business there. He moved to the United States while he was young, and grew up in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. He is currently a junior at Minnesota State University, and is studying international relations. He would like to take his degree, and go off to his hometown to relive all that he has missed from his motherland. He one day dreams of owning a thriving business that will help at risk students. “Many students struggle with income, education, and lack of post-secondary transition. Especially in my home country. Many things don’t seem like they will change there any time soon. I hope to make a difference, and close that gap that exists in Nigeria.” Although Dejii struggles with managing his time between his tasks and the things he wants to do, he believes that he will achieve his goals.

Interviewer: Jonathan Soto




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