What is your happiest moment?

Image.png.jpeg“My happiest moment was being able to find a person who shows the same interests as me after 40 years. It’s pretty nice to know someone is still looking for a gal who likes bikes! I have always wanted to be a biker’s wife, but never had a man in my life that enjoyed motorcycles as much as I do, that was, until I met Kriss. We actually went out on a whim and got married at Sturgis a couple of years ago. It’s been an exciting, thrilling ride to experience what I love, with the man I love. We make it a tradition now to go to Sturgis every year together.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
“Hopefully Kriss and I will have our dream house built, we have been looking at plots of land for some time now. I wish I could retire in 10 years, I have been at the same job since I was in my early twenties. Originally, my plan was to go into nursing, but as time went on, I got a great deal with the place I am at now, with amazing people.”

Interviewer: Sydney Bunkofske




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