“In most of my high school career I never knew exactly what area of work I wanted to go into, but knew I wanted to be working with people. I thought about several other professions including Elementary Education, Nursing, and Communication Disorders and then I came across Social Work and that’s when I started to learn more about it. I have always wanted a career where I can help others and that is why I chose Social Work as my major. There were so many people along the way that I never would have guessed were social workers because I thought it was such a limited profession. I learned that Social Work is so broad and that there are so many areas that I would be able to work in. Right now, I am interested in working with children or geriatrics because after working with them in previous jobs, I feel as though I would work best with these age groups. After I graduate, I plan on continuing my education and going to grad school for clinical social work. As a clinical social worker, I can work in both areas of my interest: children and geriatrics. With a master’s degree in clinical social work I would be able to be a therapist or counselor. I know that I am making the right decision because when I go to class and think about my future, it puts me in a good mood and makes me excited to see what my future holds as a professional.”  


Photo & Caption by: Dimitra Rothweiler, Blair Wareham, and Sydney Corbin


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