Dr. Gadberry


Dr. David Gadberry is currently an Assistant Professor of Music Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He grew up in a family where both of his parents were educators, and proceeded to take music and art courses in middle and high school. Before deciding on a major of Music Education, he pursued courses in the Art Department. After switching majors, he planned on being a band director, but then learned more about General Music Education, which drove him to work extremely hard on voice and piano skills. When asked what advice he would give to young Music Educators, he stresses the importance of getting to know your students both inside and outside of the classroom setting, as well as being actively engaged to help with understanding your students, and to stay off of a cell phone. For students on the fence about pursuing a Music Education degree, Dr. Gadberry would like to tell them that this profession is super rewarding and that you get to use creativity to teach your passion all day, and that you have the ability to inspire that passion into your students, giving them a life-long skill. To the people of Mankato, Dr. Gadberry says that music should be allowed to be expressed in any way we can, and that we should not shame others with different talents. We should be accepting of all music, because that is another form of expression.

Photo & Caption by: Luke Dawson, Hiedi, Lambrecht, Carrie Pospishil


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