Lauren.jpg“My hometown is Watertown, Wisconsin, but I moved to Mankato to get far away from home as most college students do. Right now I work as a delivery coordinator at Menards, but I’m a full time student at Minnesota State University as well. I’m majoring in Business Management/Admissions. After I graduate, my plan would be to find a job somewhere in my field. Hopefully I would get promoted fairly quickly to a higher paying job so I can finally start making more money. I have lots of hobbies in my free time. I like to draw when I’m bored. Besides that, I also really enjoy playing video games, but first person shooters are my personal favorite. I like to watch TV too, and it doesn’t help that Rick and Morty is a pretty hilarious show. Rick and Morty is definitely my favorite TV show at the moment. In fact, I’d say that Rick is my role model. The way that his endless wit gets him out of bad situations is both extremely funny and impressive at the same time. One of the biggest impacts on my life was when I was hanging out with my friends. I was fooling around and trying to see how fast I could spin on a barstool, and I started to spin too fast. I flew off and hit my head really badly on a wooden furniture frame. I blacked out for a while apparently, but the experience as a whole helped me realize that I need to be more self-aware and cautious”

Photo & caption by: Matt Abel, Ben Clayton, and Lindsey Mattson


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