Cam Kirksey.jpg“My name is Cameron. I am a biomedical major at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I chose to be a biomedical major because I excelled in my science classes throughout high school. Not only am I good at science classes, I truly enjoy studying the material. Biomedical majors also make very good money, so that is the reason why I was intrigued to study biomedical science. I chose to attend Mankato because it is a good social atmosphere and I received a basketball scholarship to play here. Being on the basketball team is fun but it also comes with hard work on and off of the basketball court. A normal day as a basketball player at Mankato consists of practice, weight training, and conditioning. Being a student and an athlete is a challenging combination but I enjoy it. Basketball can be considered a part time job, because we have scheduled basketball functions for twenty hours per week. However, if you want to be the best basketball player you can be, many hours of extra practice is necessary. Extra practice could include various drills such as working on your jump shot, or even practicing your ball handling skills. These extra hours often make being a college basketball player a full time job. Therefore being a full time student and basketball player is like taking on two full time jobs.  I aspire to be an Anesthesiologist because it is a very important way to help people and make good money. If being an Anesthesiologist doesn’t work out right after college, I want to try and play professional basketball overseas. My biggest role models are my parents because they raised me to become who I am today. My proudest achievement was winning the state championship in high school basketball.”

Photo & Caption: Thomas Imholte, Noah Rajtar, Shuaib Mohamud, Jameson Meyer


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