Humans of Mankato #3.jpg“Hi my name is Olivia, and I’m a student at Mankato State University. I chose MNSU because it is close enough from my parents to not feel homesick, but far enough away to gain privacy. At MNSU, I’m majoring in Child Care Psychology. I was swayed into this major because it is my personal goal to make sure that other children don’t experience the complications of divorced parents like my siblings and me had to. I feel that this split has caused me to be more critical of myself and I need to just calm myself. I’m afraid that I’ll have no one around me that loves when life’s crucial moments arrive. This probably makes me more anxious, but I don’t think anybody wants to be alone. To counter this feeling, I joined theatre. I love being in the spotlight and being given new opportunities. I’m proud of the fact that I got hired in the beginning of freshman year doing a job that makes me happy and easily fits into my schedule. In ten years, I see myself working hard wherever I am and maybe starting a family with a couple dogs. My advice to anybody who reads this blog, work hard at whatever you’re doing, it’ll pay off in the end.”

Photo & caption by: Matt Abel, Ben Clayton, and Lindsey Mattson



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