The Taxi Driver



IMG_1357.jpg“Everyone tends to not love doing his or her job or going to work but I for one, do. Working for WS transportation was definitely a change and a challenge from previous jobs I’ve had. This is a taxi service company. Many people if they can’t get around town will get a cab. Which is what I do. I drive customers to their designated location. I wanted to find something that I would enjoy doing and WS transportation was what made me happy. One of the greatest memories I have from work was when I went on a route to transport a group of college kids. Initially I couldn’t find where this group was located at first. I had to call the guy who requested the transportation to locate where he and his friends were. Once I had located him, he had misplaced his phone. It was like a wild goose chase for everyone. We spent quite some time searching for his phone until he realized that he had his phone in his sock. It was hilarious which made it memorable for me. I feel like there are times where we are put in situations where we don’t ever think we’ll be in but it’s a great learning experience. You never know what you’ll encounter. What makes my job worth continuing is the possibility of new experiences and learning something everyday. It’s also the fact that these customers are very satisfied with my work and that I am able to give them great customer service care. Occasionally they tip extremely well too so that’s a bonus. I have lived in Mankato my whole entire life yet the people I meet and come into contact always surprise me. They are always so kind and good. There will be a couple of times or so when you come across a customer who may have some bad qualities but it’s always about customer care and making sure they get to where they need to be.”

Photo & Caption by: Lynzie Reichel, Arriayn Thao, and Kiara Ubl




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