0-1.jpeg“A year ago, I was present when earthquake hit Nepal. I saw buildings and family crumble around me. Fortunately, none of my family were harmed but my close friend’s family lost their house. I am halfway around the globe living in foreign environment and if anything were to happen to my family I don’t even have enough money to go home. I always hope and pray for my family’s good health every day. I just want to finish my college and establish my career so I can bring my parents to the US so I can improve their way of life.”

Interviewer: Sujan Shrestha



“What is my happiest moment? That’s hard, I’ve had a lot of happy moments. My engagement makes me really happy. It wasn’t even a big moment, but the conversation we had when we decided we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, and she was who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life…I think about that, and I can’t help but smile.

Being engaged makes me feel excited, but it also makes me feel very safe. Life is kind of scary, and I think about my future and what my options are career-wise and school-wise, but it also makes me feel very safe because I have my person that is always going to be there for me, 100%, who I can talk to about anything, and I know she feels the same way.

In my future, I see myself having a family, working with kids, working outdoors…I envision my future to be very happy.”

Interviewer: Stephanie Rahman



0.jpegMy name is Emma and I am a triplet. I have two other sisters, but we are not identical and we are total opposites. Growing up I felt as if everything were a competition between us, and I was the one who seemed to fall short. My sister Abby was smart she took AP and honors throughout high school. She was the prodigy. My sister Sara never seems to do anything wrong. She was a varsity golfer, which was praised in my family, but she would still go out of her way to annoy me each and every day by blaming me for everything that went wrong. I was just there. I was just an average student. I didn’t take any intense courses in high school and I didn’t get straight As. In my family I was considered the “trouble maker.” As senior year approached I knew that I wanted to go to Minnesota State University Mankato, and it was the only school I applied to. My sisters applied to many school and got accepted to each one. When I got my letter from Mankato, I opened it up and my face went white. I didn’t get accepted. I did everything in my power to get accepted; I got letters of recommendations, and I had to write a letter to the school as well. I waited patiently to receive another letter. I was finally accepted. As I entered the school year I promised myself that I would do my best in school and I won’t let others people’s standards get in my way. So far, I have received all As in college, and I have even made the dean’s list.



0.jpeg           “My parents got divorced when I was just twelve years old. I thought it was going to be the end of my family forever. I knew that this was likely coming for several years and had to quickly grow up and take responsibility as my mom worked full time and my dad owned his own business. This added stress on our lives caused changes between mine and my father’s relationship and I solely lived with my mother from then on and continue to. However, this has benefited me for the better and allowed both of my parents to lead happier lives. I learned to make decisions by myself at an early age that most kids would ask their mom and dad for help. I learned to be independent for not only myself but also my little brother, which brought us closer together.”

Interviewer: Mackenzie Schmidt

0-1.jpegMy whole life I had this idea of what my future would look like, but little did I know my vision was so far off. When I was younger I always dreamed of being a veterinarian; I wanted to help animals and give them a second lease on life. Over the course of three years my whole life changed I joined the army went to basic training and then I ended up getting married to my childhood sweetheart. She is in the military also, so we decided that getting married was the best idea, because we could get shipped off at any time, and we wanted to make sure we would keep loyal to each other. I Have been married to her about eight months now and things are going fantastic. It is not what I had planned for my future but the twist it took has made me the happiest person on Earth.

Interviewer: Matt Mikula







0.jpeg“Freshmen year has by far been the best year of my life. I have met my 3 lifelong best friends and met some of the coolest, most genuine people. The day I moved into the dorms I had no idea how close me and my floor would end up. The CA’s might know us as the troubled, wildest hall, but if you got to know each and every one of us you would realize how awesome it is how we all constantly hangout, eat, and even go on hikes together. My floor is like no other; we aren’t just a floor, we are a family. My floor also has two ESA’s which makes our floor just that much better. ESA stands for emotional support animal. My CA, and my friend on my floor both have a dog in their dorm. Since I am a huge dog lover, and have a dog of my own at home it’s been extremely nice being able to walk down the hallway and cuddle up with either my CA’s or my friend’s dogs, especially when I’m stressed and just need a furry animal to cheer me up. Some of my friends tell me that they don’t even know a single person on their floors name and that just makes me sad because it has greatly affected my freshmen year becoming close with my floor. If I had one piece of advice for incoming freshmen it would be get to know your floor. Becoming close with my floor was the best decision of my life and I highly, highly recommend branching out and getting to know the people on your floor. You never know, you may just end up meeting some of your best friends like I did!”

Interviewer: Amanda Michuda

0-1.jpeg“My love for being outdoors started when I was young. I had this one tree in my back yard growing up that my mom always planted flowers underneath, that made it stand out to me. I would climb that tree with my dog Tinkee, and I would look out and could see above my whole neighborhood. I fell in love with cross country in high school, I loved how it pushed my limits and I found that so relaxing, like my escape. Through cross country I got to travel to Wyoming, and I ran 11 miles through the mountains. I have also hiked mountains in Colorado and in Barcelona. These experiences made me fall in love with mountains. I love the beauty of mountains and I think they are the Earth’s most beautiful landmark. My love for mountains is the reason I decided to get mountains tattooed on my shoulder. Now I can just look over my shoulder and always be reminded of my love for the mountains and their beauty.”

Interviewer: Madison Haas




This is Ali, she is a sophomore at MSU. She chose Mankato because she loved the closeness of the university community. She also loved the area, and she thought the town was very pretty. She loved the campus and how it was separate from the rest of the town and you could really get involved with college life. If she could give advice, she would say to people “Enjoy the people in your life, because they are the most important part of your life. There will be there when you need someone.” One thing that Ali wishes she could improve on is to avoid procrastinating on school work and daily life things. Her biggest fear is to lose her parents, they are very important to her. Her greatest accomplishment has to be, becoming valedictorian of her class.

Interviewer: Emmalee Sundet


0.jpeg“My most embarrassing moment in my life had to be in elementary school, the 5th grade. My aunt is a substitute teacher and she happened to be my sub for the day. As we got closer to the end of the day, it was reading time. We all sat down on the ground in a circle. My aunt began reading the book and all of a sudden I accidently farted. My face turned bright red. I hid my face behind my hands and my classmate sitting next to me asked what I was doing, I had told him I was playing peek-a-boo to try and make it better. It only made it worse. I played peek-a-boo because I thought back to my favorite movie, The Ice Age when the saber tooth tiger, Diego, was playing peek-a-boo with the baby. It made things better with the baby so I thought it would help me out too, but it didn’t.”

Interviewer: Riley Schissel



2.jpegWhen my friend’s mom decided to come up to Mankato with our future puppy, Henry, we thought we would walk around the Minnesota State, Mankato campus and show him what he would call home in the future. While we were walking, we met Haley, a junior here in Mankato. As she asked to pet and hold Henry, I explained the Humans of Mankato blog to her and asked if I could interview her. She exclaimed, “yes, of course!” I immediately thought that she was a very bubbly, extroverted person and it made me feel very comfortable in a moderately uncomfortable situation. I first asked Haley what her happiest moment in her life was, and she responded with finishing a half marathon. She explained that she had always doubted herself in her running capabilities. In addition, she said that ever since a young age, she had been hard on herself, so running past the finish line was such an accomplishing feeling for her. This then led to her biggest weakness, the feeling of never being good enough. While training for the half marathon, she would often beat herself up whenever she got tired, thinking to herself that she should be able to run these miles without breaking a sweat and in a quicker time than her own. The feeling of not being good enough almost made her drop out of the race, for her mind kept telling her that she was too tired, slow and incapable to compete with other marathon runners. Finally, I asked Haley what piece of advice she would give to an audience if she had the chance. By how she portrayed herself when I met her and her past struggles, I knew that she had taken this advice to heart. She answered by saying people will always be better than you in whatever you do; however, you must only focus on bettering yourself. She then added, if someone is always concerned about how they rank compared to others, they will never truly let themselves grow. When I said goodbye to Haley (and she said goodbye to our puppy Henry), I reflected on how I could tell that she had overcome her biggest struggle in life, yet she radiates her piece of advice to anyone who interacts with her.

Interviewer: Sage Simon