0-1.jpeg“My love for being outdoors started when I was young. I had this one tree in my back yard growing up that my mom always planted flowers underneath, that made it stand out to me. I would climb that tree with my dog Tinkee, and I would look out and could see above my whole neighborhood. I fell in love with cross country in high school, I loved how it pushed my limits and I found that so relaxing, like my escape. Through cross country I got to travel to Wyoming, and I ran 11 miles through the mountains. I have also hiked mountains in Colorado and in Barcelona. These experiences made me fall in love with mountains. I love the beauty of mountains and I think they are the Earth’s most beautiful landmark. My love for mountains is the reason I decided to get mountains tattooed on my shoulder. Now I can just look over my shoulder and always be reminded of my love for the mountains and their beauty.”

Interviewer: Madison Haas


0-1.jpeg“I chose to live in Mankato because of my family. I have eight grandchildren and I have a daughter and a son, and they live very close to us. This is just a part time job, I have another job at Bethany Lutheran College as a cashier. My daughter was the manager for the Santa set, and so she’s busy at home and she asked me if I would like to participate, so I am the manager for the Easter Bunny set. I like it, it’s fun. If I had one piece of advice, it would be to make memories. Make memories throughout your whole life because that’s all you will be able to leave your family.”

Interviewer: Sarah Monson