0.jpeg           “My parents got divorced when I was just twelve years old. I thought it was going to be the end of my family forever. I knew that this was likely coming for several years and had to quickly grow up and take responsibility as my mom worked full time and my dad owned his own business. This added stress on our lives caused changes between mine and my father’s relationship and I solely lived with my mother from then on and continue to. However, this has benefited me for the better and allowed both of my parents to lead happier lives. I learned to make decisions by myself at an early age that most kids would ask their mom and dad for help. I learned to be independent for not only myself but also my little brother, which brought us closer together.”

Interviewer: Mackenzie Schmidt








0.jpeg“Freshmen year has by far been the best year of my life. I have met my 3 lifelong best friends and met some of the coolest, most genuine people. The day I moved into the dorms I had no idea how close me and my floor would end up. The CA’s might know us as the troubled, wildest hall, but if you got to know each and every one of us you would realize how awesome it is how we all constantly hangout, eat, and even go on hikes together. My floor is like no other; we aren’t just a floor, we are a family. My floor also has two ESA’s which makes our floor just that much better. ESA stands for emotional support animal. My CA, and my friend on my floor both have a dog in their dorm. Since I am a huge dog lover, and have a dog of my own at home it’s been extremely nice being able to walk down the hallway and cuddle up with either my CA’s or my friend’s dogs, especially when I’m stressed and just need a furry animal to cheer me up. Some of my friends tell me that they don’t even know a single person on their floors name and that just makes me sad because it has greatly affected my freshmen year becoming close with my floor. If I had one piece of advice for incoming freshmen it would be get to know your floor. Becoming close with my floor was the best decision of my life and I highly, highly recommend branching out and getting to know the people on your floor. You never know, you may just end up meeting some of your best friends like I did!”

Interviewer: Amanda Michuda

pastedImage.pngThis is Lauren  an 18-year-old freshmen nursing student at MNSU.

How did you end up in Mankato?

“I originally heard about Mankato from my friend. After I did a school tour and heard about their nursing program I decided to apply. Never did I ever think I would leave Wisconsin for college in Minnesota. I guess the idea of a fresh start, new place, and new people started to grow on me. I’m not quite sure how I ended up in Mankato, Minnesota but I’m happy I did.”

Who has inspired you?

“My mom. My mom has made a big impact on my decision to go into nursing. Hearing all of her stories about her job and watching her have such a strong passion for being an OBGYN nurse has really influenced me to follow her steps into nursing. A few of my aunts are also nurses so I guess I could say that our passion for nursing runs in the family. I plan on being an ER nurse because of my love for helping others, and the action that comes with it. I really hope to make a difference someday, whether it’s just helping a person alone, or the community has a whole helping others is something I will always have a strong passion for.”

Interviewer: Amanda Michuda




Why Mankato?

“The reason I chose Mankato, was because um it is a big change from my small hometown of 3,000. I liked Mankato, because of the distance away from home. I liked that it was 3 hours away but I could still go home if I needed to. I also liked the University because it did not have many people from my hometown going here. I also liked the University because it got me out of my comfort zone.”

Why did you choose your Major?

“Choosing a major for me was hard. I am a very indecisive person. While looking at different majors, I knew I wanted to have a job that helped people. I currently work at an assisted living facility and a daycare. I learned that I liked working with different age groups. I am currently undecided but I am leaning toward social work to help people in need.”

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“In 10-years I see myself um, having a career that I enjoy, even if my job has nothing to do with my major I just want to be happy. I would also like to be either living in a house that I own, or that I am looking to own. I would also like to have a child by this time. During this process, I would like to continue to be close to my family, also known as Grandma Brackenbury.”

Interviewer: Emmalee Sundet


“I grew up in a small-town, Dakota, Iowa. There were 28 people in my graduating class, and my whole school was about 500. We have K through 12 in one school including day care and preschool. I decided to go to college here because it is close to my home and there are relatives that live around here.”

How the transition was from Dakota, Iowa to Mankato?

I moved here and I met lots of great people. I got to learn a lot of cultural stuff that I didn’t get to learn in Iowa. They didn’t have much diversity back home so, since I lived here I learned about a lot of culture I didn’t know and I am still learning. “

What is your major and why? 

“I am undecided right now because there is so much out there and I don’t know everything so I might as well get to know everything before I figure out what I want to do rather than jumping into something and give everything a fair shot.”

Interviewer: Sujan Shrestha