0.jpeg“I think one of my best moments would be the day I got my visa to come to USA. Nepal is a small country so the universities there are not so good. I always wanted to be an Engineer since I was a kid because our country lacks good engineers. I mean Nepal produces smart scholars but they go abroad to study and stay there. I want to get a green card here and go back to my country so I can make progress. I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering and I enjoy my time here very much. I just hope I can get a good job after I graduate.”

Interviewer: Sujan Shrestha


“What is my happiest moment? That’s hard, I’ve had a lot of happy moments. My engagement makes me really happy. It wasn’t even a big moment, but the conversation we had when we decided we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, and she was who I wanted to be with for the rest of my life…I think about that, and I can’t help but smile.

Being engaged makes me feel excited, but it also makes me feel very safe. Life is kind of scary, and I think about my future and what my options are career-wise and school-wise, but it also makes me feel very safe because I have my person that is always going to be there for me, 100%, who I can talk to about anything, and I know she feels the same way.

In my future, I see myself having a family, working with kids, working outdoors…I envision my future to be very happy.”

Interviewer: Stephanie Rahman



0-1.jpeg“The guy I’m dating was born and raised in India. He attends Mankato and is a Community Advisor like me, and that’s how I met him. Initially the biggest differences came from others people’s idea of us. It’s usually people who aren’t around us or don’t know much about our relationship. They don’t understand how an international and a U.S. relationship can work. People assume before they ask. They just assume there is some sort of language or religious barrier. Aaron is a super western person in the way he dresses, and acts, he’s actually a lot like me. One of the hardest parts of the relationship is the disconnect with his family. Although we have been dating for over a year, I still haven’t met his parents face-to-face. That said, I like how complex and creative our relationship is. I’ve dated guys before, and my relationship with an international guy is more fun.”

Interviewer: Claire Millett


0.jpegMy name is Emma and I am a triplet. I have two other sisters, but we are not identical and we are total opposites. Growing up I felt as if everything were a competition between us, and I was the one who seemed to fall short. My sister Abby was smart she took AP and honors throughout high school. She was the prodigy. My sister Sara never seems to do anything wrong. She was a varsity golfer, which was praised in my family, but she would still go out of her way to annoy me each and every day by blaming me for everything that went wrong. I was just there. I was just an average student. I didn’t take any intense courses in high school and I didn’t get straight As. In my family I was considered the “trouble maker.” As senior year approached I knew that I wanted to go to Minnesota State University Mankato, and it was the only school I applied to. My sisters applied to many school and got accepted to each one. When I got my letter from Mankato, I opened it up and my face went white. I didn’t get accepted. I did everything in my power to get accepted; I got letters of recommendations, and I had to write a letter to the school as well. I waited patiently to receive another letter. I was finally accepted. As I entered the school year I promised myself that I would do my best in school and I won’t let others people’s standards get in my way. So far, I have received all As in college, and I have even made the dean’s list.


0-2.jpegWhat do you hope for in the future?

“I hope that I am happy with all the decisions that I have made in the past, good or bad. I also hope that I find a career that is right for me. I want a nice home, like a nice place that I can actually call home. I don’t plan on living in Mankato. I don’t have an idea in mind just yet, I just know not Mankato. Maybe a suburb outside of the cities. I plan on having one dog, preferably my own dog that I have from home, but that’s unlikely. So with that being said I would want a small lap dog to cuddle with. I’m unsure about the breed- I just want one that’s cute.”

Interviewer: Tatiana Mayerhofer



0-3.jpeg“I’ve had hiccups here and there, but overall I have enjoyed my college experiences so far. Besides going to drill or going to classes, I don’t really go out much and I find myself staying at the dorms more than I probably should. I guess you can call me an introvert, but I’m completely fine with that because I like being holed up inside my room. I have a lot of things that can occupy my attention. Usually I spend most of my time playing games on either my laptop or my Playstation3. As you can see right now I’m actually waiting in queue to play a game of SMITE. Other than that I like to hang out and play table top games with other people in the lounge. It is nice to find out that a lot people are interested in the things that I’m interested in.”

Interviewer: Jeffrey Xiong



“My oldest sister had failed out of college her second year, and proceeded to come home and get pregnant with her boyfriend of a year. Coming from a small town this was hard to deal with, along with being embarrassing for the fact that everyone in my town knew what was happening in my sister’s life, and proceeded to judge me and my younger sister for her actions. After watching my older sister struggle with the judgmental stares and rumors, it made me grow up and realize that what other people say and do does not matter. What matters is what you know and how you feel about it. The last few months before my nephew was born, my sister and I bonded and we ended up with the strongest relationship we have ever had. Knowing now how much love I have for my nephew, sister, and her boyfriend, I realized what others say do not matter as long as your family is together.”

Interviewer: Mackenzie Schmidt



0.jpeg           “My parents got divorced when I was just twelve years old. I thought it was going to be the end of my family forever. I knew that this was likely coming for several years and had to quickly grow up and take responsibility as my mom worked full time and my dad owned his own business. This added stress on our lives caused changes between mine and my father’s relationship and I solely lived with my mother from then on and continue to. However, this has benefited me for the better and allowed both of my parents to lead happier lives. I learned to make decisions by myself at an early age that most kids would ask their mom and dad for help. I learned to be independent for not only myself but also my little brother, which brought us closer together.”

Interviewer: Mackenzie Schmidt

0.jpeg“From the two semesters I’ve been here, I can say that this place (Mankato) is kind of depressing. With nothing to do and being surrounded by farms it’s no wonder. And to add insult to injury, the smell is sometimes just unbearable. The school in general is just like most of the other colleges I’ve visited in terms of size and the things they offer. Besides all of the negative things I’ve said, I still like this school. I found a group of friends that make me feel like I belong. Hopefully I can keep my friendship over the summer and into the next semester. I did get a house around the area with them so maybe we can become better friends after that. Also hopefully I can get into the classes I want next semester because that’s been a real struggle.”

Interviewer: Jeffrey Xiong

0-1.jpegMy whole life I had this idea of what my future would look like, but little did I know my vision was so far off. When I was younger I always dreamed of being a veterinarian; I wanted to help animals and give them a second lease on life. Over the course of three years my whole life changed I joined the army went to basic training and then I ended up getting married to my childhood sweetheart. She is in the military also, so we decided that getting married was the best idea, because we could get shipped off at any time, and we wanted to make sure we would keep loyal to each other. I Have been married to her about eight months now and things are going fantastic. It is not what I had planned for my future but the twist it took has made me the happiest person on Earth.

Interviewer: Matt Mikula