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“I want to become a marking director in a well-known organization. I want success both financially and emotionally among my family, friends, and peers.  I believe that success means that I am able to help others over helping myself.  The most successful person in my eyes would be someone that gives back to others without recognition.  I think that people nowadays get too caught up with trying to impress others.  I want to be able to have enough to fund myself and others.  I am going to school and plan on graduating with a double major double minor in Marking and Management with minor in business and administration and entrepreneurship. As part of MSU, I participate in the Intergraded Business Experience Program (IBE). In which me and twenty-two other students created and started a nonprofit company, called MN Native, to give back to the Mankato community, specifically the Backpack for Food Program. As vice president, I have taken on many tasks such as overseeing all departments and participating in sales across many different promotional events. This opportunity has given me a new look on what it takes to start up your own company along with giving me a new chance to develop and use many skills I have learned through my course work.  My hobbies consist of many outdoor activities such as hunting, running, and fishing. I also enjoy doing many things hands on like working on my trucks, cars, motorcycles, and participating in community actives and local sporting activities.”

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Lauren.jpg“My hometown is Watertown, Wisconsin, but I moved to Mankato to get far away from home as most college students do. Right now I work as a delivery coordinator at Menards, but I’m a full time student at Minnesota State University as well. I’m majoring in Business Management/Admissions. After I graduate, my plan would be to find a job somewhere in my field. Hopefully I would get promoted fairly quickly to a higher paying job so I can finally start making more money. I have lots of hobbies in my free time. I like to draw when I’m bored. Besides that, I also really enjoy playing video games, but first person shooters are my personal favorite. I like to watch TV too, and it doesn’t help that Rick and Morty is a pretty hilarious show. Rick and Morty is definitely my favorite TV show at the moment. In fact, I’d say that Rick is my role model. The way that his endless wit gets him out of bad situations is both extremely funny and impressive at the same time. One of the biggest impacts on my life was when I was hanging out with my friends. I was fooling around and trying to see how fast I could spin on a barstool, and I started to spin too fast. I flew off and hit my head really badly on a wooden furniture frame. I blacked out for a while apparently, but the experience as a whole helped me realize that I need to be more self-aware and cautious”

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Dr. Gadberry


Dr. David Gadberry is currently an Assistant Professor of Music Education at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He grew up in a family where both of his parents were educators, and proceeded to take music and art courses in middle and high school. Before deciding on a major of Music Education, he pursued courses in the Art Department. After switching majors, he planned on being a band director, but then learned more about General Music Education, which drove him to work extremely hard on voice and piano skills. When asked what advice he would give to young Music Educators, he stresses the importance of getting to know your students both inside and outside of the classroom setting, as well as being actively engaged to help with understanding your students, and to stay off of a cell phone. For students on the fence about pursuing a Music Education degree, Dr. Gadberry would like to tell them that this profession is super rewarding and that you get to use creativity to teach your passion all day, and that you have the ability to inspire that passion into your students, giving them a life-long skill. To the people of Mankato, Dr. Gadberry says that music should be allowed to be expressed in any way we can, and that we should not shame others with different talents. We should be accepting of all music, because that is another form of expression.

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“Mankato is a perfect place to live”



Humans of Mankato Picture.JPGMy job as a Network Administrator for the City of Mankato is the most exciting job in the world because of my extraordinary co-workers who put a smile on my face every single day. I get to test new technology that will assist the police in everyday operations. Some of the equipment I get to mess around with includes body cameras and tools that increase the ease of writing reports for officers by translating speech to a program that automatically fills in the report. This day and age, body cameras have become increasingly important so that when an incident occurs, the judge and jury are able to see what actually happened, not just opinions that may have very well been fabricated. In that sense, I am honored to be able to work on the equipment that ensures truth and justice will continue to thrive for many years to come. I decided to move to Mankato fourteen years ago because I wanted the city atmosphere without the big city traffic or people. In that sense, Mankato is a perfect place to live because it is big enough that there is always something to do and it never appears overly crowded. The job market in Mankato is growing, cost of living is low, and the wages are generally high. When buying a house here you can get a lot more for your money. I live with my wife, and four pets: Odin, a St. Bernard/Lab/Pointer mix; Loki, a Husky/Lab mix; Amanda, a cat; and Binx who is also a cat. I really enjoy playing football and video games. I played amateur football after college and then tried out for semi-pro football until it was disbanded. Friends are one of the most important things in my life. Something about being able to talk to a friend about anything helps get things off my mind. All of this reflection has helped me realize that I am exceedingly happy with where my life has brought me today.

Interview & Photo by: Khadiya Hollingsworth, Justin Duran, and David Markiewicz


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I’ve always enjoyed running, it is a way to keep myself busy and also allows me to clear my head. When I was younger, I enjoyed running but I never thought I was good enough to be on a team until some of my peers encouraged me to join the high school team my freshman year. I ran for the school’s long distance team all the way through my senior year.  After high school I lost track of completing my daily run due to working and going to school, but I always made sure to keep up on running at least two or three times a week to ensure I didn’t lose the muscle. In February 2014, my parents saw the ad somewhere on television or the internet and thought I would be interested in challenging myself to a marathon. They brought up the Mankato Marathon, which is a half marathon (13 miles). While they were telling me about it I became intrigued, so I decided to sign-up.  With the challenge given to me, I ran my first marathon on October 21, 2014. It was a challenge because I had never run that far or long before. I was used to running eight maybe nine miles but I pushed myself through the parts where I thought I couldn’t do it anymore, and eventually I reached the finish line. Now today, I know if I were to do it again I would train longer in both time and distance. I would also eat healthier and quit smoking.  The experience of running the marathon made me feel accomplished and like I had completed another challenge in my life. It had become a personal achievement to me, and it also created other person achievements I now have.

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“Soccer has played a massive role in my entire life. I’ve been playing ever since the first grade. I’ve been playing competitively since the 4th grade. I was introduced to the game from some friends in elementary school and have loved it ever since. Its truly been life changing. It has taught me so many lessons that are valuable in life. I worked my entire life to try and make it onto the varsity high school soccer team for all 4 years and eventually achieved that goal. I also had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life of leaving my former hometown club soccer team in attempts of joining one of the best soccer teams in all of Minnesota. I was fortunate enough to make the team. I started out my career when I was young, as a forward, but found that my true calling, was to be a goalkeeper. I found out I wanted to be a goalkeeper when I was randomly selected to play as the goalie for my club’s soccer game, and I absolutely loved it and haven’t looked back. I had the opportunity to play soccer in college, but I decided my education is what’s most important to me. I still plan to continue playing the beautiful sport for the rest of my life by joining a Men’s League soccer team, as well as just playing around with some friends. Overall, I am extremely grateful for everything the sport has done for me.”

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“Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and I am a senior at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I found Mankato to be a good place to get education and obtain my degree. I am majoring in aviation. I chose aviation as my major because both my father, and grandfather are pilots. I have had many happy moments in my life, but one of the happiest moment in my life was when I got my pilot license. Receiving my pilot license is very important in terms of my career, and life as well. It also determines who I am and what I want to do, because I see myself being a pilot of a major airline in ten years. I am not only a student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. I am also a baseball player on the Mavericks baseball team. Baseball was a big reason why I decided to come to Mankato. One thing I am very afraid of in life is getting a bad injury, specifically one that would result in a bone sticking out. This can be seen when someone’s bone is broken or fractured. Something that I have done that I am proud of is hitting a homerun off of Jameis Winston in high school. This is a proud moment for me because Jameis is now an elite athlete, and an NFL Quarterback for Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

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“In most of my high school career I never knew exactly what area of work I wanted to go into, but knew I wanted to be working with people. I thought about several other professions including Elementary Education, Nursing, and Communication Disorders and then I came across Social Work and that’s when I started to learn more about it. I have always wanted a career where I can help others and that is why I chose Social Work as my major. There were so many people along the way that I never would have guessed were social workers because I thought it was such a limited profession. I learned that Social Work is so broad and that there are so many areas that I would be able to work in. Right now, I am interested in working with children or geriatrics because after working with them in previous jobs, I feel as though I would work best with these age groups. After I graduate, I plan on continuing my education and going to grad school for clinical social work. As a clinical social worker, I can work in both areas of my interest: children and geriatrics. With a master’s degree in clinical social work I would be able to be a therapist or counselor. I know that I am making the right decision because when I go to class and think about my future, it puts me in a good mood and makes me excited to see what my future holds as a professional.”  


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“I have always been afraid of not being good enough in things such as jobs, relationships, new environments and different things like that. I have a bad habit of letting people down, and when that happens I know I wasn’t good enough for whatever that situation was. When I let someone down I always think that there goes another person that doesn’t believe in me. Whenever I let people down, I get scared that I will let myself down with my future. I fear I will never graduate and not be successful with whatever I want to do. Whether it be with my career and my life in general. I want to work in media either as a writer or in film, but I know that is a hard career to get started in and get my career to take off.  I have always dreamed of myself doing something big and great things with my life, but it is not always realistic and I think I need to realize that myself. Success is what I believe to be happiness. It just depends on your own version of success. Some people think success means being a millionaire with a lot of nice things. For me, success and happiness is my overall well-being. I like working out, eating well and taking care of myself. Success also has a lot to do with my career, which is why I think I will not be good enough. I just don’t see myself being happy in life.”

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“It was a cold and cloudy day. I just started walking again a couple months after ACL and meniscus surgery, and all I wanted to do was go fishing. My mom had just bought me a new lure I had never heard of before, so I went to a pond that I knew had some huge fish in it to test it. I made my friend Trevor leave school early to take me because I couldn’t drive yet. We got to the pond around 2 o’clock, and everyone was still in school so we were the only ones there. The first cast, in my opinion, just felt like “the money cast.” I started reeling it in. It felt so different because of my ACL and meniscus, and after about 5 cranks it had felt like I had hit a big rock or something, but shortly after it started pulling me and I had no muscle or anything in my bad leg so it almost pulled me into the water. After about a ten-minute fight I pulled in a 43-inch Northern Pike. My personal record. Shortly after letting that beast go I casted a second time, and I caught a seven-pound bass. At that moment, I knew I had just found my new favorite lure and I had my mom buy 8 more of them”

Photo and caption by: Uudus Bayarsaikhan, Nick Edstrom, Maria Willner